Danish Diet & Nutrition Association

The Danish Diet & Nutrition Association is a specialist organisation for amninistrative dietitians, healt care cooks, health care cook helpers, kitchen managers and chefs, bachelor in nutrition and health in general and bachelor in nutrition and health - specialized in catering management, AP degree in process technology - specialized in food technology, and health and clinical dieticians.

Students and trainees in the above professions are also welcome.

The Danish Diet & Nutrition Association works tirelessly on behalf of its members to secure satisfactory wage levels and favourable working conditions, promoting workplaces that guarantee members the greatest possible impact on day-to-day routines, and a first class working environment where professional pride is sharply focused and human resources development a matter of course.

As an association our work is based on the principles of collective bargaining and agreements and, equally, active participation in the food quality and food in the public arena debates.